For the second year running, clients from York Road Project, will be taking part in creative workshops at The Lightbox. A selection of the work produced in the workshops will be on display in the Side Gallery.

In early 2012, talented artist and client of the York Road Project known as Markus Jesus, sadly passed away at the young age of 25. In memory of Markus, his family raised funds to be used to benefit current clients of YRP, with the sole condition that it must be used creatively. This is the second year that The Lightbox has worked with YRP to deliver a series of creative workshops for their clients.

The weekly workshops that took place throughout November provided the opportunity for individuals to experience art in various forms and to develop artistic talents that perhaps otherwise would have gone undiscovered. The aim of the workshops was to boost self-esteem and for participants to achieve a sense of accomplishment, something that unfortunately many of York Road Project’s clients feel they lack.

York Road Project was founded by individuals from local churches in response to a lack of accommodation in Woking, particularly during the winter months. The project has grown over the years and during the 2012/13 period, 210 clients received shelter for the night as well as guidance about important issues. The shelter receives a variety of clients from all walks of life, including those who have suffered during the recession.

With Thanks to Claire Waterhouse from The Portable Pottery Company.