As part of the ‘Our Museum’ project, funded by The Paul Hamlyn Foundation, The Lightbox and York Road Project in Woking collaborated to film a documentary about homelessness. The clients at York Road Project worked on the film and tell the stories about their journey of homelessness. It is a thought provoking and at times, emotional view of their world and the challenges they face alongside the positive changes they can make when given support.

The York Road Project has 25 beds in total and a Day Centre, their aim is to support people who are marginalised in our community and in particular, people in Woking. The project with The Lightbox hopes to raise awareness of the York Road Project and homelessness in Woking.

A display of work by clients of the York Road Project is on display from 11 December to 14 February outside the Education Studio at The Lightbox as part of a series of workshops held in November 2015.