Our new exhibition, Face to Face: The Figurative Sculpture of Sean Henry, is one of our most ambitious projects yet! For the first time ever, we've taken the artwork beyond the four walls of The Lightbox, and installed sculptures in six surprising locations across Woking town centre. Putting all of this into place, along with setting up the Main Gallery exhibition, meant a busy couple of weeks for our Exhibitions team! In this week's blog we take a little look behind the scenes of a very exciting exhibition. 

It has been all go in the Main Gallery, with our Exhibitions team working away like bees to transform the space.

Early one morning, hours before the town fills with people, Catafalque (2003) was brought into Jubilee Square on the back of a truck...

...before being carefully lowered into place by crane in the centre of the square.

Almost finished installing, and The Wanderer (2014), outside the entrance to Woking Station, is already attracting attention.

People starting to wonder who this new passenger on Platform 1 at the station is.

Back in the gallery, the smaller sculptures started arriving.

Exhibitions team carefully unpacking each one on protected soft surfaces.

Final touches getting the gallery spick and span before installing the artworks.

Putting the sculptures into place.

All the way up to the top of the double-height ceiling for final lighting adjustments!

The beautiful finished exhibition!

Face to Face: The Figurative Sculpture of Sean Henry is open 12 August - 2 November 2017. Entry with a £7.50 Annual Pass or £4.50 Day Pass.

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