*This exhibition is now closed*

Internationally recognised sculptor Sean Henry returned to Woking, the place of his birth, with a show of artworks made over the last 15 years which were exhibited both at the gallery and in outdoor locations across the centre of town.

Henry’s work is highly realistic and essentially modern in its choice of subject matter, colour and materials. His figures – often anonymous men and women - have an emphatic physicality which allows room for the viewer to draw their own interpretations, while deliberate changes to scale and colour imbue his figures with a powerful interiority and 'presence'.

In the Main Gallery, over 20 sculptures were complemented by a selection of new drawings, which were never seen before in a public show. Five outdoor works by Sean Henry were positioned throughout town centre in a trail that guided the audience to The Lightbox. The powerful figure of 'The Wanderer' (2013) greeted visitors as they left Woking station. In Jubilee Square, the contemplative 'Standing Man' (2009) mixed with pedestrians, along with the large rusting steel platform ('Catafalque', 2003), atop which lied a resting male figure bearing a likeness to the artist. Inside the entrance to Peacocks Shopping Centre, the larger-than life 'Woman (Being Looked At)' (2006) mingled with shoppers. And inside Woking Station, 'Seated Man' (2011) could found sitting on Platform 1.

12 August 2017 – 5 November 2017