Image: detail of Bubble Fun Friday © Libi Pedder

No matter the age, we find bubbles fun! You cannot help but smile when a lone bubble floats by, or when children are laughing and trying to pop as many as they can. Bubbles reflect light, airy joy, reminiscent of childhood, summer days, no troubles and a carefree attitude. That’s why, regardless of age, they spark joy in children and nostalgia in adults.

In August we are bringing some of that fun to life, letting children create their own bubble makers in the sunny courtyard from recycled materials. Learning about how to make multiple small bubbles or giant snakes, everything used can be found around the home. At The Lightbox, we promote recycling and everything used to create our bubbles has been gifted by our lovely community. Although aimed for kids, adults will have just as much fun watching those frothy soap suds floating around!

Blowing bubbles promotes calm and focuses your mind, and – of course, it's ridiculously fun! Similarly to popping bubble wrap, the satisfaction of blowing a great series of bubbles and watching them drift away can calm the most chaotic of minds.

We will be running a series of family-friendly workshops on Fri 2, 16 & 30 August to show children how to construct and try out their own bubble machines. Before chaos (and calm) ensues at Bubble Fun, we thought we would share with you a few of our top tips to make the most of your bubbles:

  • Our Head Bubble Maker suggests you don’t stir your mixture. The little bubbles created prevent the bigger ones forming!
  • For a calming experience and to centre the mind, focus on just one bubble until it pops – then repeat the process.
  • And for the toppest of all tips! Add the magic ingredient – glycerine!* It binds the bubbles and makes them HUGE! 
    *only with adult supervision and never to be used in blowing bubbles.

Taking their toys home, your little bubble makers will be able to experiment all summer long to create the perfect batch of bursting bubbles!

See our full schedule of children’s and family workshops here.