Presenting an in-depth historical survey showcasing the achievements of female photographers working in Britain, Women in Photography: A History of British Trailblazers is fit to burst with inspiration for budding young artists.

That’s why, within every Main Gallery exhibition, the Learning & Engagement team develops a “Learning Station” inspired by the art on the walls and around the room.

Previous Learning Stations have included identifying different types of clouds, learning horse grooming and creating body flipbooks inspired by Sean Henry. The recent Impressionism: The Art of Life saw visitors arranging wooden models to mimic the sculptures they could see around the Gallery, and drawing them using the materials provided.

For the upcoming blockbuster exhibition, the team have created a 12-piece jigsaw puzzle of one of the photographs on display, reflecting the tiny pixels that when put together, make up a digital photograph.

There is also the opportunity to create your own "Through the Ages" themed domestic scene using cut-out figures, in reference to the staged photographs from the Victorian era that can be seen in the exhibition. With the help of a tripod and your phones, you will then be able to photograph these scenes yourselves to create your own artworks based on the exhibition.

As the exhibition follows photography through time, we’ve also included photographs from the 60s, 70s and present day – so you’re free to assemble your Victorian gentlemen in front of flat-screen televisions, or your 60s miniskirts and block fringes alongside extravagant Victorian furnishings. It’s entirely up to you!

So why do we include a Learning Station in every Main Gallery exhibition?

This kind of interactive station is so important for the development of children’s learning, encouraging them to make their own connections with the outside world, to art and to people throughout history. This intuitive approach enables children to take control of their own learning, engaging with the art hands-on rather than experiencing it solely visually.

Our Learning Stations provide support to help your children learn in a fun and creative environment all year-round - and they're at no cost to you, as all children visit all exhibitions free. Find out more about our current exhibitions programme here, or check out our creative workshops for all the family. For more free activities for children, why not visit our free local history museum, Woking's Story?