Art Without Walls is an exciting arts-based outreach programme that takes creative resources and arts facilitators to local care homes, so to engage with people who cannot easily get to the gallery and museum themselves.

We strongly believe in the power of the arts to touch the lives of those for whom art can be a welcome relief from the difficulties of the everyday world. The range of beautiful and diverse artworks created from scratch by the residents enables them to feel positive and create without any expectation or pressure.

“Although Fred didn’t paint he did a pencil drawing of a navy ship and took great delight in explaining every detail of the ship and went on to tell us about his time in the army.  It promoted a great reminisce and allowed us to learn more about his life.”

“Paul has been so looking forward to this all week and is so keen to support it.  And he was pleased he didn’t spend an hour thinking about what to paint before he started.”

We are currently looking for further funding so that we are able to bring this programme into care homes, but are able to work with individual care homes to run a project. For more information or to discuss a potential visit from us please contact Heather Thomas, Head of Learning & Engagement at [email protected] or 01483 737815.