We have been working with York Road Project since 2012 to deliver creative workshops for their clients. In 2020/21 the need for accommodation and safety for the clients meant that we have been unable to run projects, we are however looking forward to being able to be creative with the clients of York Road Project once again in the future.

York Road Project was founded by individuals from local churches in response to a lack of accommodation in Woking, particularly during the winter months. The shelter receives a variety of clients from all walks of life, including those who have suffered from the recession.

Over the years we have worked with the clients to develop exhibitions based on themes that relate to them, for example; homelessness, identity and judgement.

The workshops provided the opportunity for individuals to experience art in various forms, and to develop artistic talents that perhaps otherwise would have gone undiscovered. The aim of the workshops was to boost self-esteem and for participants to achieve a sense of accomplishment, something that unfortunately many of York Road Project's clients feel they lack.

In 2015, The Lightbox worked with York Road Project on a film about the client’s experiences of homelessness and about the help the York Road Project has given them.

As well as giving the participants a sense of accomplishment and control, and the opportunity to tell their stories, the participants were trained in interviewing techniques and interviewed each other as well as members of staff and the previous Chief Executive of Woking Borough Council.