This week our Art Adventurers are taking inspiration from our new exhibition Turner in Surrey, and have come up with a fun and creative way for kids to make their own Turner-style landscape to stick on your window. Just follow the easy steps below.

1. Collect your tools and materials. You will need cardboard, tracing paper, glue, scissors and coloured tissue paper in greens, blue, yellow and any other shades found in nature.

2. Cut a window out of a square of cardboard to create a frame shape.

3. Take a piece of tracing paper and cut it to the same size as the frame (you'll stick this on later).

4. Pick your background colour and place it behind the frame.

5. Then start building up your landscape with pieces of green tissue. You can scrunch the paper to add texture and depth to the scene!

6. Don't forget to add the weather! You can put clouds in the sky, or make it a sunny day.

7. If you're feeling inspired by Turner's paintings of the River Thames, add some blue tissue to create a river.

8. Once you've decided on your scene, stick all the pieces in place and cut off any loose edges. Then stick it up on your window and let the light shine through, transforming your picture into a glowing landscape!


If you make a Turner sun landscape, share it with us on social media with the hashtag #TurnerInSurrey!

Turner in Surrey is open now till 4 March 2018.

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