Finding ways to boost wellbeing and feel good at home are imperative towards maintaining healthy bodies and minds.

Getting creative at home is a great way to keep yourselves and your families entertained for hours, whilst stimulating those minds and taking a moment to relax and feel good. Enjoy our quick and easy-to-follow guides for fun, feel-good crafts using bits and pieces from around the house.

"Create at Home" crafts are generally aimed at and adaptable for all ages or to participate in as a family, but some crafts may be more age-appropriate than others.

Easter is approaching in the next few weeks and so we thought what better thing to do, than make your own bunny baskets to store some Easter treats in - if you have any leftover of course!

You will need:

  • Coloured card or paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue stick
  • Felt tip pen

Got everything? Let’s get started!

Cut a square out of your paper. Keep the bit you cut off we will use it later! Use your ruler to make a dot about a third of the way up and a third of the way across your Square. Draw a line from your dot to the edge of the paper. Repeat on the opposite edge. You will need two more lines on the other side of your square. Your lines should all be an equal distance apart.

Cut down your lines. Make sure you leave a square in the middle.

Fold inwards from your lines until you have a box shape and glue down your box flaps.

Cut a thin strip of your spare paper and glue it across your box to make a handle. It is looking more like a basket now!

Draw and cut out a bunny face from your spare piece of paper or try another colour. Now to turn your basket into a bunny!

Glue the bunny face onto the front of your basket. You can also cut out some little feet. Why not make a tail with some scrunched up tissue or cotton wool.

Now you're finished you can store any Easter treats or leftover Easter treats in your bunny basket. You could make a colony of bunnies if you like in different colours.