For May half term we will present ‘Out of This World Week,’ part of the 2016 ‘Wells in Woking’ anniversary programme which celebrates famous former Woking resident H.G Wells and all things sci-fi. Our expert face painters will be turning children into aliens from outer space this Friday 3 June for our 'Out of This World Family Fun Afternoon', but if you can’t wait until then, here’s how to create the look at home.

You will need: 1 face painting sponge, 1 face painting brush and some green, white and black face paint.

Step 1. Use a little water to dampen the green face paint and use the sponge to create a green base.

Step 2. Using the brush and the white face paint, draw two large white circles around the eyes.

Step 3. Using the same brush, draw a third circle in the centre of the forehead, between the eyes.

Step 4. Rinse the brush and use the black face paint to outline the circles around the eyes and on the forehead.

Step 5. Use the brush and the white face paint to draw small dots around the cheeks.

If you had fun turning yourself into a friendly alien, tweet us your pictures to @TheLightbox using the hashtag #friendlyalien – we’d love to see them!

Out of This World Week’ will take place at from Tuesday 31 May - Friday 3 June. Advance booking is required for some workshops.