Image: Detail of Market by Steven Ingman © The Artist

*This exhibition is now closed*

This exhibition was part of a series of solo shows from the artists represented in 'Ingram Contemporary Talent', a fast-growing element of The Ingram Collection. In recent years, The Ingram Collection has been supporting young artistic talent by acquiring the work of artists graduating from UK art schools. Several of the artists represented, such as Haroon Mirza, Suki Chan and Alexander Hoda, have already gained international reputations.

The Ingram Prize was established in 2016, and is open to artists who have graduated from a UK art school within the last three years. The prize exists to celebrate and support the work of young artists at the outset of their careers, and this exhibition showcased the work of one of the 2016 winners, Steven Ingman.

Manmade vs Nature

Steven Ingman graduated from Wimbledon School of Art, University of Arts London in 2016 and studied at the University of Lincoln in 2007. Ingman was awarded the Derby Open in 2008 and has obtained funding from the Arts Council England for a solo show entitled 'Night Light' in 2010. He was shortlisted for the Attenborough Award and won the Great Central Solo award in 2011.

Unexpected Item in Bagging Area © Steven Ingman

Steven Ingman is The Ingram Prize winner for 2016. It is thanks to this award that he has been given the opportunity to stage a month long exhibition at The Lightbox which showcased his response to an artwork from The Ingram Collection. Taking a Frank Auerbach study as inspiration, Ingman has produced a series of bold landscapes that demonstrate his reaction and reinterpretation to the urban settings around him.

Steven Ingman's paintings juxtapose the beauty of nature with the deterioration of derelict buildings and old crumbling ruins. He takes inspiration from the intrusion of nature into the decay of urban settings. He visualises the contrast between the natural and manmade. Ingman's paintings are striking in colour and composition. He uses washes, drips and layering to emphasize the structural forms within his creations. His paintings are ambiguous combining together to create an alternate world of manmade objects and natural forms.

2 – 31 December 2017