The Heritage Collection

The Lightbox Heritage Collection is comprised of thousands of fascinating historical objects, many of which have local significance to Woking.

This collection was used to create our permanent museum Woking's Story and there are regularly changing 'Local Hero', 'Heritage' and 'Object in Focus' displays. To find out more about these displays, follow the links below.

Woking's Story

Heritage Display - The Armistice 1918 and Peace of 1919

Local Hero - Florence Bigland

Object in Focus - Barbara Hadlow's Dollhouse

Other Heritage Collection Displays in Woking's Story:

Woking's Oral History
Since the early 90s volunteers and staff at The Lightbox have been collecting people’s memories of living and working in this borough.

Woking Living Words
Card players on steam trains, growers of chrysanthemums, parachute makers, laundry workers, taxi drivers and stories of people coming from all parts of the country and corners of the globe – just a few of the themes in a book about Woking's history published by The Lightbox.

For more information about our heritage collection, please contact our exhibitions team by clicking here.

Banner image: A visitor discovers Woking's heritage in the history gallery (c) credit - Kim Labithiotis


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