Image: Detail of Marilyn, [no title], 1967 © The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.ARS, NY and DACS, London 2015

*This exhibition is now closed*

The exhibition presented a comprehensive overview of how Pop art was adopted in both America and Europe, not just as a form of fine art, but across all applied mediums such as packaging, pop music and fashion. The emerging fashions of the 1960s, key graphic and interior designs, furniture, memorabilia and iconic posters were also featured in the display which was a celebration of this rich, colourful and influential period.

One of the focal points of the exhibition was the highly-recognisable series of ten multi-coloured screen print portraits of Marilyn Monroe, created by Andy Warhol in 1967. To complement this, earlier Warhol pieces, some never before exhibited in Britain, were on show, such as textile designs, a drawing entitled 'Shoe' and two dresses from the late 1950s. Examples of later rare applied artworks by Warhol also featured in the exhibition such as a 'Campbell’s Soup Can' paper tote bag (1966) and an LP record sleeve for the Velvet Underground featuring the famous Pop art banana motif (1967).

Significant works by other American Pop artists included prints and applied pieces by Roy Lichtenstein (1923 – 1997) such as 'Crak! Now Mes Petits...Pour La France' (1964) and 'Crying Woman' (1963). An iconic 'Mickey Mouse' piece by Claus Oldenburg was presented alongside 'Silo', an oil on canvas by James Rosenquist (b. 1933), and a detailed graphite on paper drawing, 'Three Flags' by Jasper Johns (b. 1930).

European Pop art, referred to in France as 'new realism', included a mixed media piece by Claude Gilli (b. 1938), collages by Erró (b. 1932), and a brightly-coloured sculpture, 'Nana Acrobat', by Nikki de Saint Phalle (1930–2002). Applied art high points included Pop art 'disposable' paper dresses by Harry Gordon which were be showcased on a specially installed runway alongside other fashion pieces. Outside the gallery visitors could enjoy a collection of fun Pop ephemera from the 1960s such as comic books, American pop and rock posters and iconic imagery, including the Coca-Cola bottle – a favourite of Warhol.

25 July 2015 - 1 November 2015