The Lightbox is an Arts Award Centre, so Young people can work towards a Bronze or Silver Arts Award with us. Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents potentially outside of the school system or alongside it. You can find out more about the different options available on their website here.

We can work with Young people on an individual basis who want to do their arts award in relation to the visual arts.

Arts Award is driven by the young person, we work with them to find out what their interests are and support them to develop their own creativity as part of the process and ensure that the moderation needs are met to gain their Arts Award. They are able to take as long as they need to complete the Arts Award and do it at their own pace.

Arts Award is perfect for those who are Home schooling or are not able to take an arts based subject at their school, it could also enhance any arts school subjects as this focuses on your particular interests.

We charge a fee to cover our assistance which for Bronze is £40 and for Silver we charge £60. Please contact us prior to making any decisions so that we can help you create the right project for you.

We will organise and charge for a postal moderation, which is charged by Arts Award and current fees are here.

If you are interested in doing your Arts Award with us and would like to know more, please contact [email protected]