Woking College is one of the top performing Sixth Form Colleges in the country providing high quality education for over 1,400 16-19 year old students. Having worked with the college since before The Lightbox opened in 2007, we have a long-lasting relationship.

Every year until 2022, students from A Level Textiles, Photography, Graphic Design, Fine Art, 3D Design, CTEC, and L2 and L3 Art and Design courses have joined us to showcase their work. Not only were the works displayed created by the students, but they are involved in every stage of curating and installation of the exhibition, giving them invaluable hands-on gallery experience.

The exhibition took place in the Upper Gallery, the Education Studio and corridors on the first and second floors and gave visitors an exclusive look at how young people see the world today and how they create the artworks of the future.

Students from various Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Media Studies courses have successfully used The Lightbox as a resource to learn more about art and heritage to inform their work. Whether site specific drama performances or learning more about an artist’s work to create their portfolio, the students gain an insightful look at what The Lightbox does.