Monday 6 April 2020

Hello again everyone. I do hope that you are all keeping well and that you were able to take advantage of the lovely sunny weekend in your garden or on your daily walk.

Thank you so much for all the messages of support we have been receiving and to all of you who have been making donations, an enormous thank you. There are lots of ways to support us – through the Donate page on our website but also schemes like Names In Glass which you may remember allows you to have your name displayed on the glass panels throughout the building. At £150, it might be a nice idea to think how you can make your mark in the building on our return. Please also keep supporting our lovely Tipsy Pigs team who are keeping busy preparing meals for NHS staff at their Guildford Cathedral kitchen! Great work, guys - we are all hoping you stay well and a big thank you for everything you are doing.

Our Marketing and Learning teams are keeping busy putting lots of fun, creative content on the website. As Easter approaches, we would have been looking forward to lots of lovely activities around the building but we will just have to content ourselves with creating and making at home. We are also trying to bring The Lightbox to you in your homes – just so as you don’t forget us! We have a virtual tour of the Hockney exhibition now online and more insights into our exhibitions will follow.

Please make use of our resources and watch the website and blog. We are all working at home so can respond to you if you just want to keep in touch. We are in regular contact with our volunteers – many who live alone. We are all missing each other a lot and will value all our friendly chats so much more when we return.

We have had to regrettably accept that our summer of events will not go ahead as planned, so please email us if you would like to obtain a refund for your tickets or to donate the cost of your ticket if you are able. This will help us so much in these difficult financial times and we can claim gift aid on your ticket price if you donate to The Lightbox.

I hope everyone reading this stays well, safe and secure and we look forward to seeing you again quite soon!

My very best wishes,


Monday 30 March 2020

Hello again, everyone.

Firstly, I wanted to say a very big thank you to all those people who have shown their real support for The Lightbox in these difficult times. Many of you have renewed your membership for three years rather than one – have renewed early or simply given a donation. This is absolutely vital support at a time when we have lost all our income from our visitors. You have also been great at supporting Seasons Café through our "have a virtual coffee" campaign. Please keep this support coming – we need you now more than ever.

In return, we are delivering, via our blog, our e-newsletters and on social media, lots of ideas to keep you - and especially your children - busy at home. Our message about art, health and wellbeing seems even more appropriate now we are all having to deal with the anxieties of these troubling times, and when a new problem seems to present itself every day. Please make use of our resources and keep an eye on the blog for activities and information.

We are all working at home so can respond to you via email if you have suggestions or just want to keep in touch. All our staff are working their normal hours and we have pledged to look after them all – as I am sure you would expect. We are in touch with all our volunteers, checking up that they are safe and well and looking after those for whom The Lightbox is a much-needed source of friendship and human contact.

We are trying hard to look to the future and the day when we can re-open. As I mentioned in my previous comments, we have now confirmed that our Raphael exhibition can go ahead in September – fingers crossed for re-opening by then – and our Literary Festival will take place in October. We promise to bring you even more exciting things this Autumn, which makes it so important to try and plug our financial gap as much as possible, now.

I hope everyone reading this stays home, stays safe and secure, and we look forward to seeing you again at The Lightbox in the summer sunshine.

My very best wishes,


Monday 23 March 2020

Hello everyone. This is the first of a regular blog that I will be writing to keep you up to date with everything we are doing to keep The Lightbox in touch with you over the next difficult months.

As you know, with a very real sense of sadness, we closed the building on Wednesday 18 March at 5.00pm along with many arts and heritage organisations. To have to do this in the middle of such a successful exhibition as David Hockney: Ways of Working was a huge blow for us, as so much work had gone into that wonderful show and so many people were still intending to visit.

We are creating as much online content as we can so keep an eye on the website and particularly, look at the opportunities to help us financially at this time, as well as our catering partners Tipsy Pigs.

It seems hard to look ahead when we are all so uncertain of the future, but we are trying to keep positive and plan, including rescheduling what we can and also trying to rescue our much-anticipated Raphael exhibition, which was originally due to open in May.

Last week was an extraordinary week for us all as we raced against time to do as much as we could before closure hit. We are now all working from home – not the same for any of us, being in a business where human contact is so vital. But we are trying very hard to adapt and be creative at a time when that is so needed.

Please keep supporting us – and in return we will keep supporting you with as many resources and as much inspiration as possible. Keep safe and well.

My very best wishes,