The Lightbox and The Arts Society Mayford are once again very excited to announce the Centrepiece project for 2023, which is a unique opportunity for students to showcase their artwork in our award-winning gallery and develop their knowledge of art.

For Centrepiece 2023, schools will be invited to create original works of art inspired by 'Banksia Seeds (3 States)' by Kristina Chan from the Ingram Contemporary Talent Collection. The application process has now closed for 2023 and schools have been chosen.

Centrepiece is a great opportunity to develop student’s wellbeing and social skills. Through engaging creatively with our collection they will develop the ability to form and express opinions and to take ownership of their learning. The project continues back at School providing the opportunity for students to develop leadership skills by teaching others what they have learnt.

'Banksia Seeds (3 States)' by Kristina Chan has been selected as it provides many opportunities for cross curricular learning and has relevance to contemporary events. The artwork lends itself well to storytelling as well as explorations of climate change, geography and the resilience and strength of nature.

The Lightbox would like to thank The Ingram Collection and The Arts Society Mayford for their support of this project, with particular thanks to Jan Rubin.

This workshop can be used to fulfil Artsmark criteria.