We offer a selection of History based Loan Boxes which your school can borrow to use in your classroom to support your delivery of the National Curriculum in an exciting and hands-on way.  

All of the loan boxes contain interesting objects to handle and use which develops creative thinking and investigative skills. Object handling allows pupils to use all their senses, such as touch, sight and smell, often leading to a more memorable experience.

Teachers packs with suggested activities are included with each Loan Box to aid in history to come alive for students of all learning styles across a broad syllabus.

The Tudors – Woking Palace
Take a look at how the Tudors lived by examining real artefacts excavated from the Woking Palace site and exploring replicas of objects from the Tudor age. Suitable for all ages. This Loan box was developed by Woking Palace.

Victorian Washday
Bring the hard work of washday alive by looking at a selection of Victorian clothes and large laundry items such as tin baths and washing boards. Suitable for all ages, but particularly appropriate for Key Stage 2.

World War II
Investigate our selection of original WWII objects focusing particularly on the impact of the war on the home front. Suitable for all ages, but particularly appropriate for Key Stage 1 and above.

The boxes are available for a fee of £50+VAT per three week loan, extra weeks are charged at £10 +VAT. A deposit of either cash or cheque of £25 is required and will be refunded when the box has been returned and checked. Invoices will be sent as confirmation and payment should be made in advance of the loan.

If you are interested in borrowing a loan box please contact our team at [email protected]